Vacuum System

Rotrary Oil Vacuum Pump

The GDH series of pumps are compact, two-stage rotary vane (Gaede type) pumps directly coupled with an electric motor via a shaft coupler. These products are suitable for use primarily under medium-vacuum conditions (100 Pa to 10-1 Pa). They have also been designed to ensure low noise levels when a given pressure (on the order of 10-2 Pa) is attained.

The pumps are equipped with an oil backflow prevention mechanism as a countermeasure for unforeseen stoppages (such as power outages). Use the GDH- C if corrosion countermeasures are required, such as for semiconductor-related systems.

Available Models

  • GD-362
  • GD-802
  • GD-162
  • GD-1302

Table for Specifications

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