Vacuum System

Helium Leak Detector

The Helium Leak Detector is a fast, precise and easy to operate instrument for testing gas leakage. The MSE series Helium Leak Detectors offers various outstanding features and superb performance for leak detection using helium gas. It comes in a transportable, general-purpose model that is suitable for various applications ranging from equipment maintenance to a more permanent installation such as OEM integration.


  • The sensitivity is 10^(-13)~10^(0)Pa·m^(3)/s[He]
  • The analyzer tube has 270̊ magnetic deflecting type (Flux density : 0.17T)Yttria-coated iridium filament (2 pcs.) Automatic tuning sensitivity calibration with temperature compensation
  • The vacuum system has molecular drag pump specially designed for leak detector (Structure of exhaust 70L/s). Rotary vacuum pump specially designed for leak detector (30L/min 50Hz)
  • Pirani gage is provided in two lines
  • Test port maximum pressure 1000Pa. Connection port NW25KF. Helium pumping speed 3L/s
  • Power requirements comes with multiple options 100/110/115/120/200/220/230/240VAC ±10%, single phase, 50/60Hz

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