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Muffle Furnace

Brother Furnace is the leading manufacturer of High Temperature Furnaces and Heating Elements in China. As a manufacturer with more than 20 years’ experience in thermal engineering, Brother Furnace offers the wide and deep range of furnaces worldwide including Muffle Furnace, Vacuum Furnace, Dental Furnace, Tube Furnace, etc. Satisfied customers in more than 30 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost-effectiveness.

BR series Muffle Furnaces are the most cost effective high temperature muffle furnace. The furnace consists of high quality alumina fiber brick and heating element with special design, and furnace temperature is controlled by high precision SCR ( Silicon Controlled Rectifier) digital controller with accuracy ±1℃, and 30 segments programmable. It is an ideal tool for materials annealing and sintering.

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